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Modern Music Masters

A suite of poesie figurative celebrating the music of our age.

Worshiping at the temple...
Photo by Lucrezia Alcorn, January 7, 2005
    American music in the twentieth century has changed the world. MODERN MUSIC MASTERS pays homage to the men and women who bridged the gaps between tradition and innovation, craft and genius, entertainment and art, music and poetry, composition and improvisation, black and white. All images hand-printed by the artist on acid-free paper.

Note: Images are posted in the order in which they were created.
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"Fabrizio Astrologico"

(Fabrizio De Andrč)

"Fabrizio Lunare"

(Fabrizio De Andrč)

"La resurrezione di Fabrizio"

(Fabrizio De Andrč)

"Promessi Sposi"

(Fabrizio De Andrč e Dori Ghezzi)

"Il cantautore"

(Fabrizio De Andrč)

"Ms. Tambourine Woman"

(Teresa De Sio)

Words of Praise

"The result of a quarter-century of experimentation with relief-block printmaking, the series is in many ways as inspirational as the music it celebrates."

-- Steven Brower
(Excerpt from article titled I Know it's Only Rock 'n' Roll... Stephen Alcorn's Modern Music Masters Series Gives New Life and Luster to Pop Icons) PRINT -- America's Graphic Design Magazine (PRINT LVII: I 2003)