Thomas Hardy
A sample. (Also shown in the Literary Portraits Category.)

An attractive alternative to the creation of a one-of-a-kind original oil painting are Stephen Alcorn's trademark "reduction prints". Owing to their unusually rich, lush palette, Alcorn's reduction prints are, more often than not, mistaken for actual oil paintings. (The development of this technique has been extensively chronicled in such international magazines as Print, Linea Grafica, Grafica & Disegno, and most recently, in Prometeo.) Since these reduction print portraits are published in multiples ranging from 6 to a maximum of 12, the subject is in the position to share his or her likeness with family members, friends and/or colleagues.

Finally, Alcorn's reduction print method is ideally suited to meeting the requirements inherent in corporate and institutional portraiture.

How is a reduction print made?

A reduction print is made with the use of a single block. Through a series of progressive cuttings, inkings, and printings, the image slowly emerges while, paradoxically, the actual block is destroyed. A reduction print can therefore never be reprinted.

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