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All images hand-printed by the artist on acid-free paper.

Fifteen of the images displayed on this page adorn the poetry anthology entitled:

Hoofbeats, Claws & Ripppled Fins: Creature Poems
Anthologist: Lee Bennett Hopkins; Illustrated by Stephen Alcorn
Published by Harper Collins, 2002
ISBN 0-15-245437-3


Il Bestiario Straordinario

A Sampling

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Reinventing the Rooster

"It wasn’t an urge to play God that prompted Stephen Alcorn to reinvent the rooster, the cow, dog, owl, frog, tiger and even the Himalayan yak. It’s more a case of łthe divine discontent of the truly creative mind" that bars him from repeating what has been done before. In his prints, with Medici-like indulgence, Alcorn has permitted himself every whim. The plates are saturated with texture, the borders are bursting with design themes and the animals themselves are invested with heroic and magical powers. The cow is capable of infinite pales of milk, the frog will turn into a prince momentarily, the valiant horse carries his knight to victory, the cat can cast spells and make sad princesses smile."
—Marion Muller
from Stephen Alcorn Reinvents the Rooster
U&LC, volume 16, number 3, summer 1989